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An audit provides the highest level of assurance about the financial statements. Financial statements audits are often required by donors, investors, lenders, board of directors, managers, contributors and regulatory and statutory requirements. Our risk based approach to audit enables us to focus on significant areas of the audit, thereby saving you money, ensuring timely delivery of the report without compromising on our integrity and the quality of the report. At M&O, LLP, we are experienced in various audits as a result our professional receive countless trainings and continuing professional education (CPE) to enhance their skills and ensure they are abreast of new developments in the industry. Some of the areas of audits we are engaged in are:
•    Financial Statements Audit
•    Single Audits
•    Employee Benefits Plan Audit

Industries upon which we have developed expertise over the course of audit work include:
•    Non-profit organizations
•    Small and medium sized private enterprises
•    Churches and Religious Organizations
•    Health care entities
•    Higher Educational Institutions
•    Schools, including Private and Charter Schools, School Districts